V8 Supra

Toyota Supra with Lexus V8
Car: '91 Toyota Supra GT Limited Engine: 1UZ-FE "Lexus" 4L V8 (Old 7MGTE)
Computer: GM Delco from a JE Camira Gearbox: R154, Supra Turbo 5 speed manual
Bellhousing: Dellow Automotive f%#k up Clutch: OS Giken twin plate clutch
Brakes: Ventilated disks, EBC Green Stuff pads Suspension: Supra TEMS with HKS controller
Mags: Volk Racing 17 inch mags Exhaust: Custom Y piece, cat and 2 mufflers
Interior: Digital dash, grey leather trim Supra and Lamborghini cruise
V8 Supra: Mini-itx Supra Server Links and Thanks

V8 Supra site has information and pictures on my Toyota Supra MA70 with a Lexus 1UZ-FE 4L V8 engine conversion. V8 Supra has 150rwkw. The power goes through a supra lightened flywheel, OS Giken supra twin plate clutch, Toyota Supra Turbo R154 5 speed gearbox, standard supra LSD, and finally the Volk Racing rims put it to the ground.
Stopping is with upgraded front brakes from a JZA80 Toyota Supra with slotted disks and EBC Green stuff pads.
The standard lexus computer was ditched for a GM Delco, with a custom module to control the 1UZ-FE V8.
The supra also has a remote oil filter and large oil cooler to keep the Lexus V8 cool.

The Lexus 4L 1UZ-FE was chosen as it has quad overhead cams, 32 valves, 6 bolt mains, and near square bore:stroke ratio. This enables the Lexus V8 to rev out to 7,300 rpm and because of the 90° V8 configuration the supra sounds great at those high revs.

Its time to sell my Supra. I have a baby coming and don't need a sporty V8 Supra any more. I am now in need of another project to take up my time and interest. I'd love to make another V8 Supra, but next time with a JZA80 Toyota Supra and a different V8 like a LS1 or even an LS7. As the LS1 engine is a smaller physically, but still is made of aluminium it would fit in the engine bay easier, have more power, easier to upgrade than the 1UZ-FE and if sourced from an import from the US it could come out cheaper than a 1UZ Supra.

The other option is to put in an LS1 or an LS7 and Twin Turbo it! A Twin Turbo Supra would be great. But not a normal Twin Turbo Supra with a 2JZ-GTE but a big stomping V8!

My mini-itx Supra Server was a short project that is still humming away serving up v8supra.com nicely. I also built and ran an internet cafe for 2 years (and spent no time on the V8 Supra during this time)

If you have a suggestion for a new project, or if you'd be interested in buying my V8 Supra, drop me an email to discuss it. Email me at